Build A Website

I want to build a website…but do not know where to start!

This the main question I hear every day……and this is the reason I will help you today.

Building a website has never been easier and this page will clearly show you just that.

Whether you want a blog to show your life posts, a website to promote you professionally or a business website, you will see how easy this really is.

OK…without any more delay…..lets get to it so please read on…!

So…What Elements Make A Website Great?

What you gave to remember is that people must WANT to come to your website, and in order to have visitors you must create a web presence.

No doubt you have seen various websites, with various themes and layouts……so what key things must you have?

Clean and Professional Look

First impressions are key. If you have an untidy website your visitor will (high probability) not stay.

Use a neat theme, nothing too complicated, and as time goes by you can change themes if you wish

Easy to Navigate

You need a structured layout of your pages so each visitor can access your pages/posts with ease and precision.

By that I mean not to confuse visitors with complicated pull down menus, to start with anyway……keep it simple, keep your visitors.

Write Quality Content

Be factual. Be truthful. Be you!

Whatever your niche is in your website, write quality content from your perspective and how you would naturally write.

Being straight down the line earns trust and respect, and will get your visitors returning, which will increase traffic….and sales.

Page Load and Speed Time

This also a first impression killer!

Having a low load time, and having your pages or posts to take f..o..r..e..v..e..r to load makes visitors impatient.

Having too many attachments, too many pictures or too many website plug ins (more on these in the future) will dramatically slow your speed of loading.

Visitors will soon close sessions if pages take too long to be seen, increasing dissatisfaction, poor visitor times and less sales!

A Good Website Builder

This website was used with WordPress, which is the worlds best known, and easiest building software platform.

There is no code to work out, uses CMS (more on this next!) And is very easy to learn and use.

There are more advanced software packages available, and some cost a lot of money, but WordPress is by far the best platform to start with….and is free.

Why not try using WordPress for FREE right now and create your own website by entering your domain in the box below

OK…I Need To Know About This CMS Right?

Without a doubt, WordPress is the most used Content Management System (CMS) available to build websites.

This site is built using WordPress and it is widely used by beginners and experienced users alike.

Why…?….Simple, easy to use, and that is key why it is so popular today. There is no internet “coding” to master and insert, although experienced users may incorporate this if they wish.

So here are the key benefits in using WordPress:

  1. No HTML code required, unless you want to.
  2. Over 1000 templates available, with options to upgrade for extra features.
  3. Widespread support to help you.
  4. Easy to install and operate.
  5. Accessible from any place with an internet connection which enables users to update websites from millions of locations.
  6. Over 10,000 additional, optional “plug in” downloads to enhance website functionality – Many of these are FREE
  7. Available via Wealthy Affiliate using powerful servers to enable faster load times, and backed up using WA hardware, making it one of the most secure, monitored platforms.

These are just a few of the benefits, but I wanted you to understand how key it us to use a system which gives you total control, and freedom to grow. That is why I, and millions of people, choose WordPress…..and I would not change!

I want YOU to get your very own WordPress site which can be live in as little as 5 minutes.

Build your WordPress site for FREE now……

This is very easy and VERY satisfying, and you will need just 3 things to get up and running:

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I mentioned the training platform, and this has so much training you can get started straight away.

Create a website in 30 seconds

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Need Help With Your Website Or To Get Started..?

If you have ANY problems or questions, please ask by leaving a comment below, or by connecting with me via my profile and I will help you on your way.

Please don’t let fear stop you……

Thanks for reading and let’s work together.


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