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This is where you get access to all of your training needs in affiliate marketing.

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The link to the levels each contain 10 detailed lessons.
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On the list below, it is sectioned into lessons from Wealthy Affiliate. Click on which level you need and gain access today:

Level 1 – How to get started – 10 FREE LESSONS!!!

Once the 10 FREE lessons have been successfully completed, then there is FOUR FURTHER LEVELS to complete, with comprehensive tuition throughout.

Here is a taster……:

Level 2 – Build Your Own Traffic Building Website

  • Your Domain, Your Brand…Get Traffic
  • How To Build Your Website Theme Based Content
  • How To Set Up Domain Name Specific Email Account
  • Traffic – A Breakdown
  • How To Use Good Visuals
  • How To Use WordPress Editor – Get Crafty..!!
  • What Is Low Hanging Fruit And How To Understand It
  • Being A REAL Person!
  • How To Set Up Google Plus…Feel The Love!
  • How To Boost Rankings in Wealthy Affiliate

Level 3 – Making Money

  • Understanding Money In Business
  • Understanding Affiliate Programs and Networks
  • Relevant Affiliate Programs Are Everywhere – Look…..
  • Add Affiliate Links To Your Pages
  • 1 Million Products – Instant Access!
  • How To Leverage Your Product Review
  • Ads On Your Site – Get Paid!
  • Do You Want To Earn Pennies or Pounds/Dollars?
  • How To Track And Understand Your Traffic
  • To Help And Educate Means Financial Success

Level 4 – How To Master Social Engagement

  • Social Engagement – What Does It Mean To You?
  • How To Make Your Website A Place To Engage With Readers
  • How To Use Facebook The Right Way
  • How To Use Pinterest – The Visual Engagement
  • How To Use Twitter – Start A Campaign
  • How To Use Google Plus
  • Being Social On The Wealthy Affiliate Platform
  • How To Make Your Campaigns Social Branding Animals
  • How To Use The Wealthy Affiliate Social Community
  • How To Decide WHEN To Use Social Media

Level 5 – Achieving Success Using The Business Of Content

  • Content – Your Niche…Your Business
  • How To Set Up Google Webmaster Tools
  • How To Improve Indexing Times And Speed
  • How To Improve Readability Of Your Content
  • How To Get An Achievable And Realistic Breakdown Of Your Traffic Potential
  • How To Plan Your Writing
  • How To Write Articles With Conversion In Mind For Sales
  • How To Write Comments With Intent
  • How To Submit Your Site To Bing & Yahoo – The Other 33%
  • How To Plan Your Months Ahead

All of these courses are available at Wealthy Affiliate, and provide a detailed in depth look at how to start, build, improve and be successful with your online ventures.

All have been written by people who have started where we all have – with nothing…and learnt how to be a winner. By sharing this knowledge these trusted courses will ensure you have a tremendous start to having your own online business.

Even if you already have experience in online marketing, there is advances courses to help you as well…THIS IS FOR EVERYONE.

I would like to hear what you think when you click on these courses, so contact me at my Wealthy Affiliate profile by clicking: NigelW

I hope these will help, and if you have any questions…well, you know where to contact me, and it would be great to chat.

Sincerely wish you all the best…..