Getting Started

Have you tried several online courses which promised to make money overnight?

Have you paid out money time and time again only to find you spend more than you are promised to make?

Have you almost given up looking for a way to earn money online because of frustration?

If the answer is YES to any, or all of the questions above then you MUST read this page from start to finish.

This could be a major turning point in your, and your families lives. I am not here to show you flashy pictures of Porches, mansion houses, expensive holidays….that is not how I roll.

This will take some work, but you will succeed…the more work you put into your passion, the more you will be rewarded by becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate University.

There IS a way to learn how to realise your dream of:

  • Having your own online business
  • Working hours that suit you
  • More time with the family
  • Less stress in life
  • Earning money 24 hours a day

Here is what can offer you right now via the Wealthy Affiliate platform:

  • Open a FREE account – YES $0 or £0 or €0 to pay
  • Two free websites using the WordPress platform
  • Ten FREE lessons showing you just how to start
  • Live chat portal
  • Help from 10,000’s of users in a unique online community
  • Video tutorials
  • Turn your passion for a hobby into a business

If this alone is what you have been looking for then click the link below

Give me access to my FREE account NOW!

I told you to read this whole page, but if you want to start now then go for it!

For those still here…..want to know why I recommend you try Wealthy Affiliate…..?

I want you to understand how to get a website up and running and sort your own online business right now

I have experienced the same as you.

Countless online tutorials which end up being something far less than they promise and scam you out of your hard earned money.

I lost count of the emails I received from potential experts wanting me to pay for information, only to find the more info I wanted,the more I had to pay….and it goes on.

My head was banging, my inbox full, dragging me down…..until one day I stumbled across an entrepreneur affiliate course which was a breath of fresh air……Wealthy Affiliate.

Yes, I was giving up.

Yes, it got too much.

Yes, this was my last attempt to make my very own online business become a reality.

And I am so glad I tried it and I will try my hardest to show you how you can get started online FREE in the next few minutes.

All of the free account benefits are remarkable, as you can see above. However there is a Premium membership which offers even more.

Try Before You Buy – Wealthy Affiliate Memberships Breakdown

The chance to try anything out before you buy is pretty rare, however this is a chance to do just that.

The free account at Wealthy Affiliate allows you to have all of the above, but also Live Support, 1-on-1 Coaching and more for 7 days.

Have a look at the side by side comparison using the chart below.


Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Account


What Is The Most Critical Reason Preventing Me From Starting A Successful Online Business

This is a question you need to answer.

Is it through fear of failure?

Or afraid to try new things?

What have you got to fear, and where does that fear come from? I would be interested to know what made you scared, or fearful which has led you not being successful so far (please leave a comment below). It will help me and other people understand what has held you back.

Perhaps you have unknowingly paid money into online training that has turned out to be a scam (which really SUCKS!) which is why you have held back your potential……that is about to change and I will completely turn you back towards an ETHICAL online program.

So What Do I Need To Become A Success?

People are different in the way they create success via an online business. However there are 3 things in common that stand out for people who have success online.

1) Help and be Helped

Being unsure about where to start is one thing, but even worse is when you need help, but do not know where to go to get it.

What if you had a community of people rich in experience, but who started just like me and you who were willing to help when you get stuck?

Now…..where could such a community exist…?

2) Build That Important Website

Plain and simple – No website….no success.

The online success you want needs to be built around your website. If you do not then your online expectations will be very short lived.

Is this the unknown fear factor we have spoke about….? Don’t let it be…!!

These days, building a website is very easy and in just a few minutes you can have an active website without spending any money whatsoever.

Keep in mind the “free to try” you read about earlier…..and websites are no different.

3) Learn…Practice…Conquer..!

What I also want to make clear is that you need to learn about creating an online business as well. Without learning and practicing your skills you may not realise your true potential in progressing your ideas.

Like learning a martial art (which I have Judo and Karate training) you need to keep practising to keep up your knowledge and building a business online is much the same.

You need support and guidance which will also give you the following:

  • Self confidence
  • Self motivation
  • Leading to retaining your training to use again and again

Take famous sportsmen and women, or successful businessman and women as examples. Did they get born with all the knowledge to succeed…NO. That came from working hard, putting in the hours, practising, learning.

Sometimes getting it wrong, but trying again and continue until you perfect your talent of repeat 3 pointers in basketball, scoring regularly in football or earning money in business.

This is what you will get by perseverance, dedication an learning all the time.

Starting with £0, $0 or €0…..Really!

OK, I guess you now know that it takes absolutely no money to start at Wealthy Affiliate.

But what exactly do you get for free…?

    • 2 Free Websites
      • WordPress sites with full functionallity
      • Primed to make money with the training provided
    • First Class Training
      • Live Interactive Video Classes
      • Video Tutorials
      • WA Certification Courses
      • Online Classrooms
    • Support & Help With A Personal Touch
      • Personal help from me (WA Username: NigelW)
      • Help from online WA community from 10,000’s users
      • Live Chat Support
      • Join online discussions to trade tips and ideas

So for absolutely nothing to pay you get a great deal of training which is one, if not the most, respected online training programme available today.

No cash…No credit card needed.

Seems crazy but this is the real deal….designed by online business users to get the best out of you.

Yes, there is a PREMIUM membership you SHOULD consider as this will give you so much more, and if you do take this option (recommended), then you will see what I mean.

Remember the comparison chart……? No, well here it is again:

Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Account
When you enrole in the Premium Membership, there is NOTHING else extra to pay – you get all of the access to all of the areas in Wealthy Affiliate.

No upsells….No upgrades….How refreshing is that!!

But why not try for free first…..? What have you got to lose….?

If you change nothing, then nothing will change

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you on the Wealthy Affiliate trail soon, and I would love to help you Get Started Online.

Please feel free to contact me when you sign up by contacting my profile

To start with a free membership, you really do have nothing to lose!

Or drop by and leave a comment below, and I will get back to as soon as possible

All the best….Nigel…:-)





    • Hi Keye…..That is 100% right.
      The community at Wealthy Affiliate is there for everybody, and Kyle & Carson are always on hand to give that bit of extra, expert help!
      It is very clear that WA is the best interactive online business training platform available…and at a really excellent price giving the best value for money.
      Thanks for dropping by, appreviate it, and WA will be the best training you will need to be successful in your online business.
      Wishing you all the best

  1. Hi the best thing about wa is you feel as you have an extended family without the usual fights and arguments that families seam to have, at the same time if you ask a question they can help, sometimes families cannot, i feel as I have a real sense of being, if you get what I mean by the way great site cheers Helen

    • Hi Helen…Thanks for dropping by, and what you say is true!
      In WA we are all here to help each other, and that really comes across in the community, and also from the founders Kyle & Carson.
      Everyone at WA have their own set of skills to help us through…if one person cannot help, then there will be many more that can.
      That is why WA is so special.
      Thanks again, and wish all the best in your WA venture!

  2. This was great. I enjoyed reading it. I agree Wealthy Affiliate (the people within) come together and help each other. So much support here to succeed.

    • Hi William…Yes, WA is so different to all of the other options available
      The platform really does have everything you need.
      Use the training, support and community advice, and you cannot go wrong.
      Thanks for leaving a comment, and I hope you enjoy WA as much as me!
      All the best Nigel…:-)…

  3. Hi Nigel,

    I was wondering if a person were to Join Wealthy Affiliates would they get to spread out their free 7 day trial account over time or does it have to be 7 consecutive days?

    Your article is spaced out nice and really easy to read. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Marcel.
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      The 7 day trial does run over one 7 day block I’m afraid, so cannot be split.
      However, in those 7 days you have a perfect insight to what Wealthy Affiliate can offer….that is what happened to me.
      I had around 6 hours left as i wanted to sample all I could….and I could not resist going Premium…and the rest is history.
      Check out one of the owner’s Kyle’s welcome to see what you think.
      If you are interested in the Premium then click here to see more.
      Thanks again, and really hope you see the vast benefits of WA and it would be great to have you in the community…..:-)

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