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Toquality content receive traffic to your website you need content, and without this you have no reason for people to visit.

Content is the bread and butter, the meat of your site, and you should only write clear, quality driven posts and pages.

To put it easier, good content leads to traffic, better rankings on the search engines, and ultimately get more sales because of increased visitors.

We All Like Searching Online Right….?!

With 3 main search engines – Google, Bing and Yahoo – there are millions and millions of people searching online every minute of the day, an in fact these 3 dominate 93% of search requests.

People are searching for numerous things…. Songs, Games, Films, just surfing, or trying to resolve a problem…. the probabilities are endless.

But, what else do they look for….Quality Content!

Peoplesearch engines will soon log off a website if they feel there is nothing there for them.

Good content is always written with the reader in mind.

Yes we want to create content so search engines will like it, but ultimately it is the reader you should be focused on.

This means that any video or written content has to he quality driven, and provide what the reader is looking for.

What Is Quality Content?

OK, we know that what we write must be great for the reader, but what does that mean……think of these elements when writing:

  • Who is your audience
  • Originality
  • Honesty
  • Be candid
  • What do I want to say to people
  • How am I helping my readers

There are much more, but I think you get the idea.

Your content must be highly readable to the visitor, which means it must not be like a novel!

Not too many people like reading a lot of text, but prefer short bursts instead.

Here are the key things to remember to make a quality post or page

  • Readable and relevant
  • Small paragraphs – say about 35 words
  • Dark text on a white background for clarity
  • Use HEADING tabs (ie-H1, H2, etc….)
  • Create grabbing headlines
  • Write as you speak – Be yourself!

Your aim should be to show the visitor something with your content, and not to preach or tell them. Let them learn from you, which gains trust and respect.

Have a look at the video link below to help.

create readable content

Watch video – Creating readableĀ content

As you develop your creativity when you write, you will become more at ease and produce good initial posts. However please do not try and get perfection straight off.

Always look at your content and make improvements when necessary to enhance the user experience. It us much better to publish work, and tweak to improve as time goes by.

Check Your Work – Good Idea…?


When you read your own work you can be very self critical, but try not to be.

When you read through, ask yourself that if you were a visitor to your site, would this grab you? Would the content keep you interested? What else would I expect? Where would I improve?

Takingcheck your work a step back is sometimes a great idea to actually see for yourself, from an objective point of view, I’d you are happy with what is coming across…..if not change it…..it us good to continually assess and improve.

To keep content fresh will also encourage visitors to return, as will regular updated posts and/or reviews.

I hope this has given an insight to what your content should look, read and come across like to a visitor to your site.

If you need help, please leave a comment below, or catch up with me at Wealthy Affiliate using my profile homepage.

Thanks for reading……:-)


  1. Emily

    Great article. I’m always looking for ways to improve my content, it can be a struggle to keep the writing flow up sometimes. I particularly like your checklist for quality content, so important these days.

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