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Welcome to My Affiliate Tutor

My Affiliate Tutor will share with you the secret way to make money online  with Affiliate Marketing. Our secrets will truly help you start your side hustle.

Have you been looking at ways to make money online? If so, you have probably stumbled across the same list of things as many users, including myself. My research always ended up in the same place – websites recommend me doing surveys, selling my personal items on eBay/amazon, writing reviews… the list goes on. Reality is there is little to no money to be made from these tasks (the lesson I learned the hard way). I want to share some of my success stories, so others don’t make the same mistakes as I did.

Here at My Affiliate Tutor we will teach you all about Affiliate Marketing. If you are anything like I was, Affiliate Marketing will sound like some techy job that you will never understand. Don’t worry though, we will break it down step by step, and teach you all about it Affiliate Marketing!!!!


I worked a Monday to Friday job, always looking to make some more money on the side, starting my own side hustle. I would spend crazy hours researching how to make money, the results were always the same. Do surveys, write reviews, become a Youtuber, download this app on your phone. I would be lying if I said I didn’t do any of those, I tried some recommendations out there and I wasted a lot of time.

One day a friend recommended that I look into Affiliate Marketing. I just looked at him confused, but I decided to go home and do some research. The research was hard, a lot websites listing 50+ recommendations and no direct answer.

I want to share with you my success stories and all the great resources I used. Best part is it is absolutely free to get started and decide if this will be your side hustle!!

My side hustle turned into my passion, and of course the extra money was a big bonus. My Affiliate Tutor will be all about helping you guys make some money by learning about Affiliate Marketing, just like I did.

You might be asking yourselves, WHY?

Why we want to help people

The answer to that is, there is a huge market and why be greedy??

I want to help you guys make money just like I did and I am doing right now. The market is huge for Affiliate Marketing, it’s everyone using the internet. This is where other people insert the number of people on the internet, but I am sure that you guys already know that is a huge number and a big market.

I will not try to sell you guys to anything on this blog, so there will not be a 100 adds popping up while you try to read/learn. Till this day, I get frustrated with the amount of ads per website/blog because I didn’t know if the writer/owner was there to truly help or just create a source of revenue for him self using the ads. (PS, you will learn all about this through my blogs)