What is Affiliate Marketing?

The Process of Affiliate Marketing:

The Affiliate Promotes a product for the Merchant, The consumer buys from the Affiliate link, The Affiliate (you) make money!


For example, you (the Affiliate) would promote products found at Best Buy … let’s say its a MacBook. It is your job as the Affiliate Marketer to promote the Macbook to a targeted audience. Your audience clicks on your unique affiliate link to get to Best Buy’s website to buy the Macbook, you receive a commission.💰💰

Another example is that an affiliate marketer could promote a paid service… For this example lets say its a training course for Affiliate Marketing. Every time you direct customers to that course and it leads to a sale, you the affiliate would receive a commission.

Affiliate Marketing Process
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Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

  1. The Internet – Everyone in the world has internet access. Internet is a new necessity for life, its like water and food for most. This means your audience is everyone, and that there are thousands of products available for you to promote.
  2. Low Cost – If you are reading this it means you are already paying for internet and have a laptop / cellphone. This is all you need to start your new business. It is free to start your journey as an Affiliate, but it can be difficult to see substantial results within spending a little. Some tools that will be worth investing in would be, some training (a course), keyword research tools, advertising (at the beginning to promote your brand). These costs are very low investment in yourself, and you will see and big return.
  3. Work From Home – Work from home, work from a friends home, work from anywhere with internet access. No need to wear a suit every day and no need to worry about how congested the traffic is in your area. Make your own hours. Stay consistent.
  4. Become Your Own Boss – This says it all, why does anyone want to start their own business? So they can be their own boss and not have to listen to someone all day.
  5. Earning– I should say “Multiple Streams of Revenue”. As an Affiliate you can promote multiple products on multiple platforms, so why limit yourself? Pick multiple products because maybe one will not earn anything, while the other can be your golden ticket.

How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing

Have you decided to take the next step to starting your own business and becoming your own boss? If you answered yes, follow these steps below to start your journey and start making money!

  1. Find a niche
  2. Research products to promote
  3. Build a Website
  4. Create Content
  5. Build an Audience
  6. Start making Money💰💰

It`s as simple as that.

If someone telling you otherwise? Either they have never done Affiliate Marketing and dont know what they’re talking about, or they are trying to sell you on something.

Finding Your Niche and Target Audience

These are the steps I use every time, I find them extremely helpful and simple.

  1. Write down that products you are interested in
  2. Pick a sub-niche within that product (write the down)
  3. Pick an audience that you would like to promote too, and sell of course


(Step 1) Let’s take for example your interested in joining the Amazon Affiliate Program. Great start, however to broad… Let’s narrow it down…

(Step 2) What will you promote for Amazon, because it is unlikely you can promote every product and get any ratings in the process.

So, how about Health & Fitness, it narrows down your niche. Also, this sounds like a niche we can work with.

(Step 3) Next, we have to find our audience… Who would Health & Fitness be interesting to:

  • Some one hoping to loose weight, and get that perfect summer body
  • Some one hoping to start a better diet, and stop eating pizza for dinner
  • Some one hoping to reduce their BMI (Body Mass Index) and become healthier

(Feel free to use these as your start up posts)

This is just to name a few but as you can see just within this sub-niche there are many possibilities.

You can continue this process writing down niches, getting more specific, and picking a target audience until you are confident and interested in what you have chosen.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

DO NOT wait for the perfect niche to slap you in the face… because it will never happen. Pick something and run with it, try different things, promote multiple things at once, just get started and find your golden ticket. When you do, run with it, promote that product, run ads, and start making money.

Find Products or Services

Now that you have established your niche and target audience the next step is to find products to promote. There are two ways to do this.

First, you can promote Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy by becoming an affiliate for those sites. After you have set up your affiliate accounts, you can choose the products that you wish to promote. If none of these interest you, simply google “(your interest store) Affiliate Program”

You can also promote programs / services.

In order to have access to this, you must create accounts on each site and search their respective marketplaces. You will find everything from dog grooming, real estate, and everything in between that you can choose to promote.


In this article, we have discussed the following: What is Affiliate Marketing, Examples / Benefits of Affiliate Marketing, How to get started as an Affiliate, Finding your Niche and examples of a Niche, Finding products.

The next question is, Are you ready to begin your journey as an Affiliate? If you answer “Yes”, Start your free training at Wealthy Affiliate, all you need to do is sign up with your email, nothing else! Absolutely free to join, and begin your learning, if you find its not for you, then you leave without paying any $$.