What is Canva?

Canva is a free online graphics tool, Canva is extremely simple to use and offers a variety of templates to start your new design. It makes it possible for businesses, marketers, bloggers to create eye catching images without any graphic design experience. Or if your’e like me, it’s even great for creating Facebook / Instagram posts.

My FREE Canva design!!

Extremely Simple

Canva makes it extremely easy to create graphic designs without the experience.

The first step is to choose a design template. This can be a poster, Facebook post, Facebook cover, logo, flyer. The options are endless.

Then its time to get started! You can either begin with a Template, a background, add photos, upload your own photos, add text, emojis. It’s up to your imagination, keep at as simple as you like or go crazy. There are a lot of free templates, pictures, text for you to choose from. 

Canva is very easy to use, it takes very little time to create stunning images, posters, or logos. This means more time for you to work on your side hustle.

My Opinion

Make your free account with Canva today! You have nothing to loose and everything to gain. It is absolutely free to join Canva, so why not? Canva offers a lot of free templates for the free members, if you feel like that is not enough you can upgrade to a premium account. 

In my opinion the free account is all you need. If you feel that Canva does not have the background picture or image you are looking for, simply upload one from your computer and continue creating your free design. 

This free Graphic Design website means more savings for you to start your own side hustle as an Affiliate. Have you read “Starting my career as an Affiliate”👇. If your looking for a side hustle, I highly recommend it.

Starting my career as an Affiliate

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