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I’ve been there. Not wanting to wake up first thing in the morning to get to work at 8am. The traffic jam. The bossy co-workers, the bossy bosses. Come home cook dinner, if you have kids, help them with get their homework done, and the million other tasks at hand.

And then you start telling yourself “I need to start working from home”. You ask yourself “How do I begin?”

Don’t get too overwhelmed when you’re no longer happy with your job. You can start working from home, all you need to know is Affiliate Marketing.

What do you need to start?

1. Internet connection – This is essential when working from home. If you are reading this, that means step one is already done!

2. A Laptop/ Desktop- It doesn’t have to be brand new as long as is works.

3. Create a Website – This will be your source of traffic.

4. Create Affiliate Links – This will be your source of income.

5. Start getting paid!!

How Affiliate Marketers Are Paid

To answer that question, make sure understand, “What is Affiliate Marketing?”.

There are multiple Affiliate Programs available for you, most will pay you a flat rate or percentage of the sale you make (pay-per-sale). Another common type is when you’re paid per action or lead. For example, if you refer someone who signs up for businesses free trial, the business pays you for the sign-up. Although not seen as often anymore, some will pay you per click (this is seen most in contextual ad programs such as Google Adsense) or per impression (each time the ad is loaded on your website).

When do you get paid?

Most programs pay their affiliates monthly, although a few pay more frequently. Some require that affiliate earnings reach a specific threshold, which can be as low as $10. Other programs don’t have a threshold. There are programs that pay through direct deposit into your bank, but a vast number pay through PayPal.

Affiliate Marketing Pros

Affiliate marketing offers many perks including:

Low start-up costs: Most affiliate programs are free to join. Since the affiliate company takes care of providing the service or product, there is no inventory or supplies for you to worry about.

No inventory or Customer Service: The company takes care of everything. All you have to do is deliver the clients and customers.

Fast to join: A simple sign-up form and then you can start posting links and ads within a few minutes. Others might have more stringent acceptance into their programs.

No shipping or hassling with returns.

You will make money 24/7 while you sleep or play.

No special license or training is required, but it helps to know how to market and the best ways to promote affiliate programs.

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