Are you struggling to find out how to get traffic to your website? 

Everybody wants to see their content rank on the first page of Google. The thought of getting free organic traffic, making more sales, and generating direct leads is brilliant. If your business or blog has income goals then driving Google traffic is the main concern. Unless you afford high-priced social media managers to drive leads, you struggle hard to get free traffic to your website and make sales.


As an Affiliate the biggest challenge can be driving traffic to your website! Of course you can pay people and pay for ads to achieve this, but starting off you typically have a budget, so why blow it all away on advertisement?

Don’t let this discourage you, this is not something to fear, there are a lot of ways to gain FREE traffic to your website.

Most people think that it costs a lot of money and fear the bill. This is because there are even more people who are offering to promote their business for a hefty fee. If you are just starting a new business, or even if you are profiting, who wants to pay so much to get traffic?


This article will show you both the free and paid methods of gaining traffic.

1. Advertise (PAID)

This one is obvious, you advertise to gain traffic to your website. What most people dont tell you is you can advertise for your self, and it is extremely simple. Begin by making an Instagram / Facebook account and advertise through that. There are multiple options available for you, Boost your Post (I do not recommend that, waste of money). I recommend creating an Ads Manager, you can set a budget for your ad and set how long your ad will run for. The results will who you how many people it reached, link clicks, Impressions (how many times your ad was seen), cost per impression.

This is a very simplified explanation, I will cover Facebook / Instagram Ads in a future post.

2. Social Media

This one is simple, create social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…. and represent your brand through that.

3. Headlines

What better way to attract someone to your post then a headline! The same goes for your social media posts, think of irresistible headlines!

4.SEO (PAID or FREE – use apps if you do not understand)

Search Engine Optimization is a key to success, do you want your website on the first page of Google or last? SEO can be daunting, if you do not know anything about it, but it can be easily learnt.

5. Internal Website Links

Remember to create internal links for your website. Most Affiliates only create external links to their Affiliate links. Google does not like this, this shows Google that your website has no value since all your links are going somewhere else.

6. Compatibility

In 2019 you want to ensure your website is compatible across all devices, especially a cell phone. Most people now get all their information through a cell phone.

7. Website Speed

Compatibility does not mean anything, if your website is loading like its 2010. People now want instant speed, when they click on a link they want it to load almost immediately or else they will be leaving your website. Luckily for you most website creators now help you with your internet speed. Want to build a website for free? Go above to my “Tool Kit“.


Join your comment section, engage with your customers.

9. Incorporate videos/pictures

Make it fun for your audience, make it engaging, make it easy.

10. Analytics (Free versions available)

Keep a close eye on your Analytics Data, see what posts are getting the most engagement. Where are your posts getting engagement, which country, age group, gender? This can help you decide who you will advertise to.


It will take time but you will get the traffic, and you will make money. There is a big market out there, and more people are buying online vs in a store. So why not join now? Are you going to wait for the market to become extremely competitive? Start your learning below.

Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing

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