Creating your own content as an Affiliate

Affiliate Marketing in one of the biggest ways that people make money online! To start making money online, you must be able to write content. Don’t get scared! This is the fun part! You don’t have to have your graduate degree in English and be an amazing author. You just need to write as if you were talking to your audience. Nobody wants to read a boring book. So have fun, and speak to your audience!

So step one in learning how to write content for Affiliate Marketing is to have fun in the process!

Here is my guide on writing content. This can aid you in starting from scratch or improving the content you might already have!

1. Use personal experience.

One of the biggest mistake Affiliate’s make is writing about a product the have not tried, don’t love, or have to experience with. The reason I consider this to be a huge mistake is that your audience will catch on. Your audience is very smart and they will generally know who is writing ‘bullshit’ just to sell. They will also be able to tell who is genuine and is passionate about the product.

You are building your brand, how can you be successful if you are not passionate about what you are writing? Your readers need to be able to trust you and that trust will build your brand!

With this in mind, don’t write about products you haven’t used. Your audience will be able to see right through it and you’ll lose credibility and its a bad start to building your brand.

2. Be honest.

This is all about the LIARS. Just like nobody wants to buy products you haven’t tried or didn’t like, nobody wants to buy products from a liar.

Some will try to play up a product when it’s actually disappointing or sub-par, this will cost you the trust of your readers in the long run, and can have a massive detrimental impact on your readers (customers).

Just be honest about the products you’re pitching. There are a lot of products to promote so why pick one that you have to lie about? This being said don’t be mean about the products you don’t like, there is a difference between writing flaws and just being mean. Make sure you understand that difference.

3. Help your reader.

Affiliate marketing content is all about the reader, you are writing content to help them. As the Affiliate you should be thinking about your audience, what they want, what they will gain and how much they are wiling to invest!

Are you going to find the best deal for your audience? Are you going to tell them about your mistakes and failures? All of this help your audience succeed by not making the same mistakes as you.

4. Write a story, not a sales pitch.

If the product you are promoting is truly an amazing product you don’t need to sell it, you just need to tell your audience about it and it will sell itself. Some of you may be thinking, if it’s truly a great product wouldn’t everyone already know about it? This is not always the case, with so many products out there, its hard to know about all of them, and many people are missing out on great products/deals simply because they have never come across them.

Your job as an Affiliate is to tell your readers all about the great products and deals of a lifetime.

If this part is done well, your reader will not be reading some sales pitch, they will be reading your story and your experience. This will help engage your readers. (My Affiliate Tutor is all about keeping it simple and to the point, unlike some other blogs you will read out there)

Want an example? Check out my “Tool Kit” above! Here at My Affiliate Tutor, I will tell you guys what is free and what will cost money. I understand that money can be tight, I want to help you guys get the most you can for Free.

5. Keep it interesting

Affiliate marketing content shouldn’t feel formulaic, and it’s important to keep it as fresh as possible for your readers.

Do not become a stiff, boring blogger people don’t want to read.

Focus on what your audience loves and seek to share your affiliate experiences on all of your various platforms. This will keep things fresh and make your recommendations as authentic and unique as possible.

Search Engine Optimization

Remember you will have to learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)! After all you have to get your website ranked in Google or any other search engine you choose! I will be writing a “Beginners guide to SEO”

Stay Tuned!!

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