Affiliate Marketing Principles

Few Marketing Principles To Live By

When I first began Affiliate Marketing, my carrer was really slow and didnt go the way I wanted. I made a lot of mistakes, and to make it worse I was even repeating some mistakes. So I created a list of marketing principles to never break because I wanted to ensure that I didn’t repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

Over time I kept adding to the list, and it has helped me succeed not only as a marketer but also as an entrepreneur.

So here are some of the Principles I live by:

Principle #1: Ride it while it lasts

Every channel that works eventually gets saturated. Some fade away, but most stick around, and some just don’t work as well. When you find something that works amazing, ride it as long as it lasts, but know you may have to scale back eventually and learn to do so.

Principle #2: Go all in during recessionary periods

Marketing tends to be more cost-effective during recessionary periods. This is when you should be spending more, doubling down, so that way you can beat your competition once the recession is over. When things go down people pull back on marketing.

Principle #3: Never rely on one channel

Good channels eventually become saturated and it’s too risky if your marketing is solely based on one channel.

If it goes away or stops working for your business, it will crumble you. You can’t control algorithms, and you can’t always predict costs. Focus on an omnichannel approach.

Principle #4: Marketing tends to get more expensive over time

It’s rare for marketing to get cheaper. You can’t control this. As much as you focus on marketing, you have to focus on conversion optimization. It’s the only way to keep you in the game as costs increase.

Principle #5: Don’t take your messaging for granted

No matter how effective your traffic generation skills are, you won’t win if people don’t understand why they should buy from you over the competition. A great example of this is Airbnb. They beat Home Away and are worth roughly ten times more.

Principle #6: The numbers never lie

Opinions don’t matter! Follow the numbers.

Principle #7: The best thing you can do is build a brand

Whether it is a corporate or personal one, people connect with brands. Don’t ever take it for granted and start building it from day one. No matter how small or big your company is, you should continually work on improving your brand.

Brands are powerful and create longevity.

Principle #8: Always protect your brand

You’ll have opportunities to generate quick sales or traffic at the sacrifice of your brand image. Never do it.

Principle #9: Don’t take shortcuts

Every time someone presents a social media or SEO shortcut, avoid it. Typically, they won’t last long, and they could set you back through a penalization. It’s better to be safe and think long term. It will be tempting but say no.

Principle #10: Don’t market crap

Building a crappy product, service, or site just won’t cut it. With the web being competitive and it being easier to start a site online, you need to make sure you have something incredible.

Principle #11: If you aren’t scared, you’re not pushing the limits

If you’re cheering about everything you are doing when it comes to marketing, something is wrong. You should be scared and going through a mix of emotions every time you launch a new marketing campaign.

Principle #12: Don’t be unethical

You are going to have opportunities to get a quick win but you will be sacrificing your customers. Always put your customer first. It’s the only way to survive in the long haul. In general, if you are going to have trouble sleeping at night, you shouldn’t be doing it.

Don’t be unethical.

Principle #13: You don’t know everything

Marketing is always changing. No matter how much you master one skill, never stop learning. Having the mindset that you know everything and dont need to learn any more will kill you and your brand. Have an open mind and be willing to learn from anyone, even the newcomers with little to no experience as they bring fresh insights.

Principle #14: Don’t hire arrogant marketers

If you have arrogant marketers on your team, consider replacing them with people who are open to learning (assuming you aren’t breaking any HR laws). Arrogant marketers tend not to experiment, and they prefer sticking with what they know.

Principle #15: Little is the new big

Social media has empowered everyone. Don’t take people for granted, even if they don’t have money. By helping everyone, it will cause your brand to grow in the long run. Don’t worry about a direct ROI when helping others, it will cause word of mouth marketing.

Principle #16: The majority of people don’t read

If you write a masterpiece, expect the majority of the people to not read it. Make sure your content is easy to skim.

Principle #17: Headlines are more important than content

This goes back to making your content easy to skim, most people want to get information just from the titles.

Principle #18: Ideas are a dime a dozen, but good team members aren’t

You’ll have dozens of ideas that you’ll want to test, but if you don’t have people to take charge of them they won’t go anywhere. Don’t bite off more than your team can handle. Never forget about your friendships.

Principle #19: People love stories and always will

Storytelling goes back centuries. Stories will always remain effective and it will help build you build a relationship with your customers.

Principle #20: Follow the rule of 7

People need to hear about your brand or see your brand 7 times before they’ll convert into a customer. In other words, you need to be everywhere if you want to win market share.

Principle #21: Prepare for failure

You will create content that doesn’t rank, you will create pitches that get rejected, NEVER GIVE UP, KEEP LEARNING.


Most of these principles may seem very obvious to you, but you will find you and your team will make many of these mistakes, no matter how obvious they seem. Consider creating a list of your own and modify it as you go.

What are some of the Principles you follow?

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