Step by Step Guide on how to make money with Clickbank

Most affiliate marketers know all about ClickBank, and if you don’t worry. I will explain exactly what Clickbank is and how to make money with Clickbank.

Don’t start by finding some crappy product with a high commission and start to fantasize about how it’s going to make sales. Then throw money at ads to gain random traffic and hope people buy it (you will keep waiting). Eventually, you will come to the conclusion that the platform sucks.

Let’s make sure you don’t go down that path.

Let’s get started!

What You Will Learn

  • What is ClickBank and how to use it to make money
  • Which ClickBank products to promote
  • Common ways to promote ClickBank products
  • The unique funnel we use to scale up our sales
  • How to build these funnels
  • How to scale them up and take over the offer

What Is Clickbank?

Well, ClickBank is one of the most popular online websites for buying and selling information products. On this platform you can find email marketing software, audio books to help with public speaking and just about anything that you can imagine.

How Does It Work?

In other words, Clickbank is the middleman between the creators of digital products and people who can sell those products, i.e. Affiliate Marketers.

1. A Product Marketplace For Affiliates

As an affiliate marketer, you can jump right in, create your unique affiliate links for thousands of products and start to drive traffic right away to start making money. You will also see your earnings in real time.

It’s free to join and there’s no screening process. Simply go register on their homepage.

How Clickbank Works

Why Clickbank?

As an affiliate marketer you might ask yourself, why sell ebooks and online courses from unknown producers, if you can just sign up with Amazon Affiliates and sell reputable products.

It’s because online education is a huge market and Clickbank itself generates close to a quarter billion dollars in sales revenue each year.

High profits = high affiliate commissions. And Clickbank pays up to 75%.

Pros & Cons Of ClickBank

I really like ClickBank and it’s a fantastic place for new affiliate marketers to get started and earn money online without the hassle of more advanced affiliate networks.


  • Highly paid offers (75% commission is common)
  • You can sell in most countries
  • Several recurring offers to sell, for ongoing income


  • Some shitty products & sales pages
  • Lots of competition on popular products
  • Hard to tell what does well without investing traffic

Step-By-Step: How To Make Money With Clickbank

Here is my secret to making money with Clickbank.

Select a solid product that customers want and create a funnel to convert the traffic, to begin with. Then you build your traffic, optimize your funnel, and once you know you’re profitable you scale accordingly (ie. you make more money then you invest).

How To Make Money With Clickbank

How To Pick The Right Product To Promote

As a beginner I recommend that you start with promoting pages that have already been optimized, in order to build your sales funnels.

Much like keyword research for SEO, picking the right product to promote on ClickBank is extremely important. No matter how good you are at promoting if you drive traffic to a sales page that doesn’t sell, you will not make much money.

What Is A Great Product To Promote

Screening offers is a big part of knowing how to make money with Clickbank. Here are the things we look for when it comes to screening offers to promote:

  • Low-cost initial offer with up to 3 upsales
  • Video sales pages
  • Products with good reviews online

How Everyone Tries To Make Money From ClickBank

On some Affiliate Blogs, you will see a ton of “tactics” on how to make money with Clickbank. Some work while others clearly don’t.

The issue most of these tactics is that they have very limited preselling. People are thrown to sales pages without knowing exactly why they are there or who is this guy trying to sell them an information product.

Preselling is HUGE. You need to give people valid reasons why they should buy the product and if you can be that 3rd party giving a recommendation, your conversion rates will 5-10x very often.

Direct Linking / Banners

This one is the most common and very often least profitable. The tactic is simple. Placing a somewhat relative banners in the middle of your post without any preselling.

Affiliate Banner

Because the traffic is somewhat related to the offer, some people will convert. However, your EPC ( earnings per click) will be very low because the product does not come recommended by the author.


If your review doesn’t look completely biased, there’s a good chance they’ll trust you and click through your affiliate link to buy the product.

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