There are a lot of people that don’t know about Affiliate Marketing. In this article, we will cover what affiliate marketing is, and who is involved in the Affiliate Marketing Process.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

I will start with the answer straight from Google, who better to trust?

What is Affiliate Marketing

Break it Down

Affiliate Marketing is the process by which a company or an individual promotes a product or service in order to collect commissions for their referrals.

“The Affiliate Promotes a product for the Merchant, The consumer buys from the Affiliate link, The Affiliate (you) make money!”

How Does It Work?

Here are two brief examples to help you better understand the process.

(Example 1) The Affiliate would promote products found at Best Buy … let’s say its a MacBook. It is your job as the Affiliate Marketer to promote the Macbook to a targeted audience. Your audience clicks on your unique affiliate link to get to Best Buy’s website to buy the Macbook, you receive a commission.💰💰

(Example 2) The Affiliate Marketer could promote a paid service… For this example lets say its a training course for Affiliate Marketing. Every time you direct customers to that course and it leads to a sale, you the affiliate would receive a commission.

My thoughts as a beginner.

“What is the customer goes to my website, clicks on my Affiliate Link and leaves without making the purchase. Later (could be a few hours, maybe a day), the customer decides to purchase the product but this time they go directly to the website. Did I just loose out on a sale?”  The answer is NO.

Affiliate websites / links track your cookie, different companies have different time frames.

For Example, Amazon it is 24 hours. So if your customer clicks on your Affiliate Link, leaves. They later return to Amazon and make a purchase with in 24 hours. Guess you makes the commission? You do!!

Popular Way to Make Money Online

Affiliate Marketing is a popular way to make money online by working from home. Affiliate Marketing can be a profitable business, but like everything you have to put in the work.

Who is involved?

The Merchant: The Merchant creates the product, they can also be viewed as the retailer, creator, brand. You will be promoting the merchants products.

Affiliate: The Affiliate promotes the merchants products. You can decide to promote a single product or multiple products through multiple merchants. The more you sell, the more you earn. Some Merchants offer a higher commission, some not as high, some merchants will even pay monthly and yearly commissions.

The Consumer: The consumer will buy from the Affiliate. It is the Affiliate’s choice to tell the consumer that they are a part of an Affiliate Marketing System or not.

The consumer will buy the product from the Affiliate and the Affiliate will earn a commission from the Merchant.

Can I be the Merchant?

Some of you may be thinking, “Can I become the Merchant and promote my own product?”. The answer is YES of course you can. However, the advantages of being an Affiliate is you do not hold any inventory, you do not have to worry about shipping products or the return policy. All you do as an Affiliate is promote products and earn a commission.


My opinion, Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest and fastest ways to earn money online: You just have to recommend a product or a service with a link (the so-called “affiliate link”) that contains your personal tracking code. If anyone who clicks on that link purchases what you are promoting, you’ll earn a sales commission. The percentage you get per affiliate program varies from company to company.

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Where to get started?

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Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing


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